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Episode · 3 months ago

Sticky Jazz Interview Chuck Panozzo / STYX


Charles (Chuck) Panozzo is one of founding members of the historical rock band "STYX" with his twin brother John. STYX has been maing music for 50 years, and created some of the most legendary ballads and anthems in rock since the 70s.  

Chuck is a phenomenal bassist that managed to keep this band straddling the fine line with metal guitar, and synthesisers. With multi platinum albums "Pieces of Eight", "Paradise Theater" and "The Grand Illusion", the new album "Crash of the Crown " was recorded like so many other albums in covid, unconventionally. This album is just as good as previous work and sounds current.

Chuck came out as gay and supporting AIDS awareness, he has survived AIDS, two bouts with cancer, and even the fallout from the STYX Album "Kilroy Was Here". 

At age 72 he has an incredible wisdom and wit about his life, and the music he has made that I have spent countless hours enjoying. This is a pretty epic conversation for me, and I managed enough will power to not ask him about his guitars.

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