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Episode · 1 month ago

Sticky Jazz Interview FLUKE


"Baby's Got An Atom Bomb" is a pretty popular line known in the electronica world, Wipeout games, and you have heard them in "The Matrix", "Sin City"plenty of other films. FLUKE created a sound in the synth world in the early 90s that just kept evolving until they had silently conquered the world.
Mysterious and quiet, they let their music speak for itself, until now.
John Folger, and Mike Tournier talk about the many phases, techniques, and ideas behind their evolution to what they became. Their discography is endless, and their live shows were an intense spectacle that anyone who was blessed enough to see, will NEVER forget.  

I had such a great conversation with these guys, learning some points of history, and that they have continually been making music this entire time. Spinoffs have been "Beauty Shop", Syntax, and 2bitpie. 

Once you push play, you just kind of keep going. 

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