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Sticky Jazz

Episode · 1 year ago

Sticky Jazz Interview I Ya Toyah


She is a one woman army that blends the chaos and balance with a familiar vibe of industrial electronica sound. Her music is a fusion of smooth, cutting edge vocals, surreal guitars, hypnotizing beats and multiple electronic synth elements arising into dark arrangements that, combined with storytelling lyrics, respond to the paranoia of everyday reality.

I Ya Toyah spent the majority of 2020 in
her studio working on new music, as well as taking part in multiple
collaborations including vocal performances with the project Featured by
Julian Beeston ( Iron Man, Batman Begins movie sound design, Nitzer
Ebb, Cubanate), Tear Down The Walls Tribute to Pink Floyd by Riveting
Music, and many more. In March 2020 she released the remix project for
the Code Blue album, including the collaboration with Rhys Fulber of
Front Line Assembly and Conjure One, Tim Skold, Grendel and more. The
release is available for download at . 

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