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Episode 104 · 1 month ago

Sticky Jazz Interview ANVIL


The band that should have been, finally are. ANVIL the all things metal band from almost 40 years ago, have finally happened. Anvil are a Canadian metal act that hit it big with their anthem "METAL ON METAL", and they crashed shortly after. 

A gutwrenching film called "The Story Of Anvil" was made 13 years ago, that covered their "Afterlife" and continued attempts to keep making it happen. Well, the movie relaunched their career, and Anvil has finally gotten to where they deserved to be. Anvil have more heart than any band out there, the film showed why they had such a hard time, it was not for lack of talent, it was because they didn't have good management. 

Now, they have re-released their film "The Story Of Anvil" 13 years later, (Joke reference to the album they made in the film "This is 13". 

Anvil are a cautionary tale of the "Rock & Roll Circus", but also goes to show that yes, with enough heart and determination, your music will reach people, it might just take a while. 

Celebrating their new album "Impact Is Imminent" (It's REALLY Good) give em a listen now. 

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