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Episode · 10 months ago

Sticky Jazz Interview Louis Prima jr


Kicking off the Christmas season, because you all know I HATE Christmas music, I got Louis Prima jr and The Witnesses just releasing their new single "Hey Skinny Santa" to do it for us. Louis Prima jr was rasied in the music business by virtue of his father Louis Prima. You all know his father's work from Disney films "The Jungle Book" and "Just a Gigalo" and the Vegas Lounge Scene.

Louis formed his band in 2006 and released some great "Converging" big band albums. He basses his sound (and residence) in the New Orleans Jazz sound, while pulling in so many other styles and ideas that make it all sound current. 

IF you want something to dance to, in your house, sitting at your desk, bouncing in the car, anytime you find yourself confined during this pandemic, Louis Prima can get you dancing wherever you are. Just to take your mind off things, and go to a simpler time, promising we will all have that back again. 

A new album is coming out in 2022, and we can actually see it just around the corner. So, fire up your dancing mojo, get your groove on, and swing and sway away, we all need this, EXACTLY THIS, right now. 

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