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Episode 103 · 2 months ago

Sticky Jazz interview Unloved


If you want the Twin Peaks Juliee Cruise Bar Bar band to be Siouxsie & the Banshees, well, look no further than "Unloved" they are the kind of band that defy description (just the way I like it). They are an band you just need to experience, and enjoy. 

Unloved are a 3 piece ofJade Vincent.  Keefus Ciancia and David Holmes (David who is also a DJ from Belfast Ireland was not present for this interview) who create beautiful "Moody" music to general human condition and thought, with a little bit of sarcasm. They have been making music for quite a while, and this time around enlisted Jarvis Cocker (PULP) and a couple insanely talented bass players, and who knows who else to make great music on this great new 22 song project "The Pink Album". Once again it comes full circle with people that I have met over the years, and plenty of wonderful ideas, and some great translation from the audio into the visual of their work.  Their music is the basis of the soundtrack for the BBC America show "Killing Eve" , nuff said. 

Musical harmonies, and "On the fly" lyrics have created a masterpiece of sound, that calls itself "The Pink Album". Inside stories and explanations of song titles really makes this a great conversation. As dark as the music gets, they are two very funny and casual people to talk to. I had a great time, and I hope you do too. 

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